Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Long Hair Dont Care...(Hair Growth)

So...I get a lot of ladies asking what products they should use to grow their hair. Over the years I've heard of looots of different products...Tail & Mane shampoo/conditioner, Glover's Mane, Head & Shoulders etc etc etc. I'm sure there are people that will argue me to the ends of the Earth in defense of these products. However, let me explain why I believe there is no product that will help grow your hair.

Before i go any further I'd like to remind you that there is always an exception to the rule. Every body and hair is not the same therefore what works for one person may not work for the next.

     Now I could talk about this subject all day everyday but I'll try and keep it as short as possible. With that said I'd like to begin by saying there is no product that will grow your hair. As I said in my "Love The Skin Your In.." post what happens on the outside of your body begins on the inside. You first have to begin with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Drink lots of water, eat fruits & vegetables, take vitamins, workout, stay active. Yeah all that good stuff. While those things help stimulate hair growth, hair products are used to maintain the health of your hair on the outside as it grows.

Here are some tips on maintaining the health of your hair:
  • Use sulfate free shampoos (sulfate is a chemical that creates the lather in soaps, washes, and shampoos. It also strips the skin of its natural oils and drys it out)
  • Use heat protectors before flat ironing, curling,  and blow drying your hair ( think of heat protectors as sun screen..you protect your skin from the sun and its UV rays...your hair needs that same kind of protection from the heat from hair styling tools.)
  • Moisturize and Condition properly
  • Deep condition
  • Tie your hair up at night
  • Don't use so much heat
  • Use the correct shampoo, conditioner, and hair products that fit your hair needs.
  • Trim those ends!!! I try and tell people that it's more appealing to have short healthy looking hair than long unhealthy looking hair. I'm not saying go chop all your hair off. Ease your way into it. If you're feeling apprehensive cut a little off this time and a little off next time. However, you will not see a significant amount of hair growth if you are still holding on to those dead and split ends that keep breaking.
  • Leave it up to the professionals!!!!! I can guarantee that the majority of you ladies who do your own hair are doing something to hurt the health of your hair. Especially the ones who flat iron, relax, or color your own hair. There is a reason you have to have a license and go to school to do hair. There is more to it than you think especially when it comes to chemical treatments. Find a stylist you trust and leave it in their hands. Let them know what your goal is when it comes to your hair and before you know it you'll have hair growing down your back.
  • Do Not grease/oil your scalp!! (This will not stop dry scalp nor will it help condition the hair. This only coats the hair and scalp and clogs the hair follicles. Thus slowing the hair growth process. Like the face, a healthy scalp is not greasy/oily.)
  • Get a scalp massage they stimulate hair growth.
     One thing I'd like to say...and this is something i often find myself explaining to black women...There is no such thing as a product that's only for black people or only for white people and so on. Although there may be products that black people may use more or white people may use more, products are based on the condition of your hair. Meaning if you have dry scalp and your Black, White, Hispanic, Chinese, etc your going to use a product that will help with your dry scalp or your curly hair or your split ends or whatever the case may be.

     Another thing I'd like to add.. When it comes to pretty much any type of purchase your making you basically get what you pay for. If you shop cheap you end up with cheap. Quality costs but its worth the money in my opinion. So if you want to go and spend $1 on a conditioner your going to get a $1 conditioner. You wouldn't pay $1 for a pair of shoes so why make your hair suffer?
 One last thing...Try not to sit around waiting for your hair to grow. IT IS GROWING!! Unless you have some type of medical condition or your on some type of medication that's affecting the growth of your hair you have nothing to worry about. The hair only grows about 1/2 and inch per month on average...more or less... Hair growth is one of those things that takes time and it definitely is a process. It's up to you to maintain the health of your hair inside and out so that you'll actually see that growth.


My Personal Hair Growth Experience:
     This isn't something that I can go too deep into detail with simply because it's still a process for me. I've had short hair for about 4-5 years and recently started growing it back as of April 5th. My plan was to pretty much wear weaves for a entire year and then go from there. Every 2 -3 weeks i take my weave out and shampoo and condition my hair with a moisturizing conditioner/shampoo and then I aaalways apply 100% natural coconut oil followed by a leave in conditioner. Since I do not wear my real hair yet I don't feel like I'm able to really go into detail with how I maintain the health of my hair because i don't actually style my hair. However from previous experience with my on and off journey with blonde hair and short hair styling I can say that I tried to use less heat as possible if any at all and I made sure I always applied a leave in conditioner and deep conditioned once a week.

 Now this post was intended to just touch basis. I barely skimmed the surface. If you'd like me to go more in dept as far as product recommendations or pretty much anything related to this topic feel free to let me know via Instagram/Twitter @IamTinaMo , leave a comment or email me MartinaJmo@gmail

Beginning of my hair growth process

My current situation

my current situation

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