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This post is specifically for my ladies who wear sew-ins and braid styles (micros, box braids/poetic justice braids, yarn braids, yarn twists, senegalese twists, etc) So today someone showed me a picture another person posted on Instagram with a caption that said they were cutting their hair into a short cut because braids took their hair out ( however i was confused because it appeared she had a head full of hair) I also often get clients that inquire about products, styles, and treatments that will help with hair loss from braids and sew-ins. More than likely that did not "take your hair out." >>MORE THAN LIKELY<<  Before i go any further with explaining what may have happened let me fill you ladies in on a little information

 Disclaimer: There is always an exception to everything. Therefore this list may not apply to every single person in the world. You have to take into consideration health, diet, medical conditions, age and other things that may affect your hair's growth or amount of shedding.

  • On average, there are100 thousand strands of hair on the head.(depending on the growth stage your hair is in)
  • The average human naturally sheds about 50-100 hairs a day 
  • Hair sheds so that new hair can take its place (this is all apart of the hair's growth cycle)
  • The front hairline along with the nape and crown area are the most sensitive and fragile parts of the head
  • The hair on your front hair line grows thinner than the hair on the rest of your head. 

With that said...Ladies imagine you have a sew in or braids up for 3 months. During these 3 months your hair is naturally shedding everyday.
Rough manipulation of the hair (that is the pulling it actually takes to braid the hair and also the pulling and twisting from styling your braids) can also cause a small amount of hair loss.
Lastly, the weight from the artificial hair that is being held by your natural hair can really cause added hair loss especially around the front hair line.

Now add those 3 things together and 3 months later you take down your sew-in or braids. OF COURSE YOUR GOING TO HAVE WHAT SEEMS LIKE AN UNUSUAL AMOUNT OF SHEDDED HAIR!! So no the braids didn't "take your hair out." I'd say about 90% of that hair was the natural shedding of your hair that was kept braided in your braids or sew-in and the other 10% was from other factors.

  1. Give your hair a resting period in between braids and sew-ins. This will help your hair recover.
  2. Moisturize and Condition!!!
  3. Apply a leave in conditioner before getting your hair braided or a sew-in.
  4. Do deep condition treatments
  5. When getting a sew-in leave the edges of your hair unbraided
  6. when getting braid styles tell your hair braider to take it easy on your edges.

Hope this eases your mind ladies!! Stay beautiful!!

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