Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Hair Talk Humpday


Now I know when you hear the word "wig" the first thing that pops in your mind is images of Nicki Minaj, Black Chyna, and K Michelle. Well have no fear. I'm here to replace those images with good ones.

Let me begin by saying a wig can look very natural and fabulous when it's done correctly.  Look at Beyonce for example..
  mmhm I know you didn't think she wears her real hair!

Now there are a variety of different types of wigs. Half wigs, full wig with lace closure, u-part wig, partial wig, lace front wig, etc. It all depends on your personal preference. 

I myself am a fan of wigs because it's a ready made hairstyle. You can wear them if you have long hair and want more fullness. If you have short hair and want to add length. Or if you just want to protect your natural hair from styling damage. 

Wigs seem to have become the latest trend in the hair industry and have become more popular upon regular everyday women. 

I personally began wearing wigs about 5 months ago after i decided to start growing my hair back from a short cut. My hair was too short to get a sew in and i didn't want to glue in the extensions that i paid quit a bit of money for. So i decided to make a wig. Since then I've made 3 wigs and while it was a challenge I eventually got used to them and began to love them!! I never had to worry about the wig falling off or whatever crazy thing your probably thinking because I hand made the wig myself  and glued it to my molded down hair (this I don't recommend). Once my hair grew to a length that i was able to braid I began sewing the wig down. Which is the method I'd recommend. Some days i would remove the wig wash and style it then sew it back down. Some days I'd even just wear my real hair to bed then put the wig back on in the morning.

Here are pics of me wearing the wigs i made  

Now there are some cons to wig wearing. Purchasing cheap extensions, not properly attaching the wig, and doing a poor job of making the wig are just a few. Which is why I would not recommend doing it yourself if you have no experience. Wigs are so popular these days that there are plenty of people becoming experienced in making them. 

I prefer making a wig over purchasing one from a store because there's just nothing better than having something personally made to fit you. Don't get me wrong, I have seen some women with store bought wigs that looked just as natural and fabulous as hand crafted wigs. 

Another good thing about wigs is that if done correctly they can last for years vs. getting a sew in that'll only last a couple months. Then you'll have to pay more money to get another sew in. So you save time and money!!

So if your brave enough go get you a wig made! You may just fall in love!!

More pics of women in wigs: 
picture courtesy of @hairbyselina on Instagram

picture courtesy of @tops_beauty on Instagram

picture courtesy of  @leonarosebeauty on Instagram

picture courtesy of  @crownedbymonet on Instagram

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