Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Designer on the Rise

This was originally going to be a tutorial on how to tie different forms of head ties/turbans but after seeing all the dope turbans this designer makes I decided to make this my first official feature
Marie Janae

 Marie Janae is a designer who is a Detroit Michigan native currently living in NY. I began following her work some odd years ago on Facebook and although I am unsure how I came across her, once I saw her work I instantly fell in love. I'd like to compare her designs to the style of Betsey Johnson.(who btw is one of my favorite designers) So i guess it was only natural for me to admire her work. The two both have that whimsical out of the box way of designing that kind of forces you to have an opinion. Either you like it or you don't. Either way it grabs your attention.
Angela Simmons wearing Marie Janae

As of lately she has been promoting her dope colorful turbans which actually inspired me to write this blog post. Turbans have been a rising trend lately and  is pretty much the only place where you can find a large variety of turbans to fit any of your looks. 

To see the entire Turban collection click here.
Last week Marie Janae announced (via Instagram @MarieJanae) that she will be having a new collection launching in October and another during Fashion week 2014. So be on the look out for more work from this rising star. 

Marie Janae is truly an inspiration to young aspiring designers like myself. I believe her work should aspire designers to stay true to yourself and your style.

More designs be Marie Janae: 

picture from @MarieJanae via Instagram

Marie Janae older work:

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