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Hair Extensions 101

Hi beauties. I know i haven't blogged in a while but you know how life gets.. anyway.. I've been meaning to touch on this subject for a while but i wasn't sure on how to approach it until just recently when i had a client purchase the wrong extensions for the hairstyle she wanted. until then it didn't really hit me that allot of women don't really know much about hair extensions or which ones are right for what hairstyle or even what is the difference in quality.

I am a strong believer in quality over quantity and I try and tell my clients the importance in investing in good hair extensions. I can't count how many people have sat in my chair pulled out their weave and it was the wrong length wrong color just wrong wrong wrong!! Well have no fear I'm here to help!!

Allot of people don't really understand whats the difference in the qualities of the hair..Well here is a breakdown. 

Remy: Some companies have taken the word "Remy" and made it into a brand name. However Remy is a term used to describe the way the that the hair is taken from the donor and preserved to where the cuticle is intact and facing in the same direction. This method is done to ensure the extension have no tangling. 

Suggested Remy company/brands:
Bobby Boss
Remi Saga

Virgin Hair: Virgin hair has been the talk pretty much everywhere. Especially in the last 1-2 years. Everyone has been on the virgin hair kick but not too many people really understand exactly what they are purchasing. Virgin hair distributors are selling all types of virgin hair including Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, etc etc etc. But lets be honest when you really think about it you really don't know where the hair is originally from. For all we know this virgin hair that everyone is praising is being made in the same place that the cheap 99 cent hair is being made. This is why I'm not big on the names when it comes to virgin hair. I more so choose my hair based off the appearance, feel etc etc etc. Most importantly don't let these Beauty supply store workers fool you!! just because it says "Brazilian" doesn't mean that's what it is and just because it's rolled in a bundle doesn't mean it's virgin hair!! Look at the hair..Feel it..Ask for a sample if you have to!! (side note: I've noticed that these beauty supply stores would take 1 bundle of hair cut it in half and roll it into 2 bundles.Then make you believe your purchasing 2 bundles. DO NOT let these beauty supply stores fool you!!)

Tips on purchasing virgin hair:
1.Never buy online unless you have done your research or have physically seen and examined the hair. I purchased hair online before and not only did the shipping take forever but the hair turned out to not really be of good quality. However there where thousands of people on the company's Instagram that vouched for the product. This is why i say that one person's idea of quality may not be the same as yours.
2.Never purchased hair based off someone else's opinion on it. What that person sees as quality to them may be trash to you so check it out for yourself.
3.Try and steer clear of the virgin hair that is extremely soft. A while back I made the mistake of purchasing this type of hair and  not only did it shed allot, it was so soft that it tangled very easily and it was easily damaged from flat ironing and coloring. 
4.If the price seems too good to be true..more than likely it is. Trust me..if the price is low there is a reason. I've also learned a lesson with that.
5.Always remember that good hair is an investment. Good hair can be used for years. I'd rather spend a 1 time $300 on hair and not have to purchase any for a year rather than spending $60-$100 every few months which will eventually add up to the $300.
6.Get a Hairstylist's opinion before purchasing or ask for their recommendation on good hair. Hairstylists come in contact with lots of different weaves and more than likely they've worn lots of different weaves.Which means they have more experience and knowledge on the different hair extensions.
7.Virgin hair doesn't come in colors therefore 9 x out of 10 you'll have to color it to match your hair color.

Picking the right hair for your hairstyle: As I said before I'm big on quality when it comes to hair extensions. However, expensive weave is not necessary for certain hair types.I always tell my clients that no matter what you should always purchase 100% human hair if you plan on doing any styling to the hair. Not human hair blend or whatever other terms these companies use to trick you. The only time it may be ok to not purchase 100% human hair is when your purchasing curly hair. 

Choosing the right extensions:
     1. Bobs: expensive hair is definitely not necessary for bobs unless that's your preference. I wouldn't recommend the packaged hair that is real soft and silky in texture.(i.e. Dream Weaver)  Bobs are more structured hairstyles especially the short ones. The thicker textured extensions (i.e. Milky Way) is what I'd recommend for bobs. 

     2.Sew in: Better quality hair is what I'd recommend for sew ins. Simply because the hair will be kept in for a long period of time therefore it will need to be washed and maintained. Cheaper quality hair will not be able to withstand all the maintenance sew ins need.

     3.Piecing: When adding pieces to hair for length or fullness you pretty much have to purchase the right hair based off the hair style your doing. Ex. Adding fullness to a bang? The cheaper quality hair is perfectly fine for this. Adding a little length? Purchase hair that is closest to your hair texture.

     4. Quick weaves/Pronto: I personally would not purchase expensive hair and glue it in. I think its a complete waist. But that's just my opinion. 

Other things to consider when choosing the right hair extensions:
1. For sew ins if your getting 20 inches + always purchase 3+ bundles/packs of hair. why? because the longer the hair the thinner it tends to be. 

2. Always make sure your extensions match your hair. Feel free to take the extensions and really compare it to your hair color. If you purchase virgin hair make sure you color it to match your hair color.

3. It's better to purchase hair that is closer in texture to your natural hair.

4.Make sure you buy enough hair!!!

Here are some companies/distributors of Virgin hair that I'd reccomend.

I've personally purchased hair from and I absolutely loved the hair that I purchased from these two!!!! 
hair from

hair from

The following are company/disrtributors that I've never personally purchased from but I've researched and got a high perctantage of good feedback from.

Everything stated in this post is my personal opinion.

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